Voinescu Lawyers extends its international presence

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Voinescu Lawyers has recently forged an alliance with Lexquire Tax & Law.


About LexQuire Tax & Law


LexQuire Tax & Law delivers premium-quality legal and tax advice. Our international team consists of highly qualified lawyers, tax advisers and notaries bringing together their commitment to excellence. Our one-stop shop business model enables us to provide the most effective, compliant and innovative legal solutions for the most demanding clients.

Our client-focused approach


As the client satisfaction is the main contributor to our success, we provide personalized services meeting each of our clients’ needs and expectations. In doing so, we treat each case as unique, work in close consultation with our clients for best addressing their problems and deploy our multidisciplinary team, expertise and professional infrastructure for identifying the most suitable solutions.


Our international vision


LexQuire has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Romania. Our natural cross-border vision was behind the consolidation of our identity as an international team of highly qualified professionals providing legal and tax advice in multiple jurisdictions to a wide variety of clients, from SMEs to multinational companies active in various sectors.

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