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The firm was founded through a spinoff from a prominent law firm and is made of leading lawyers and professionals, all brought together by a shared vision. A vision to create a true meritocracy dedicated to excellence in the practice of law. The sole measures of our success are concrete results and client satisfaction.
By adopting new models for the delivery of legal services, we strive to redefine the role that a law firm plays in an emerging regional market, in order to produce truly exceptional results for our clients.
We believe that the alliance concluded with the international group LexQuire Tax & Law will serve this purpose.
The firm’s vision leads to constantly seeking and attracting talented and entrepreneurial lawyers and multidisciplinary professionals who are creative thinkers. Our founding partners come from leading UK and European universities, including University College of London, Queen Marry Law School, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Aix-Marseille III (Paul Cezanne) and University of Bucharest. This blend of exceptionally trained and experienced individuals coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the regional business, legal and political scenes, places us in a unique position to best address our clients’ most demanding issues and critical disputes.

Our story

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